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#Roadtrip in the morning.
Loving my #playlist.
En route to Tagaytay

#Mmmbop by #Hanson

Black Saturday

I wanted YABU at 4am. I can’t, of course.

We’re going to Tagaytay later this afternoon anyway.

Then, boss saw my post and asked to go to Tagaytay this morning.

So, I’m meeting them in Tagaytay for bulalo in 2 hours.

Okay. Talking about unplanned weekends. :))

Play the music
Shut your throat
Close your eyes
Breathe the notes

#discs #music #interior design #vintage #woodplank #vinyls #vinyl records

Sunlight and lenses.

#vintage #camera #vintage camera #woodwork #woodplank #sunlighy


I’m trying to re-organize my digital life, which means music files, images, bookmarks, etc. This also involves a massive de-cluttering and multiple scannings. I never thought my images and videos can occupy half of my hard drive. Damn it.

I’m aching to take photos of random people, urban markets, factory-inspired restaurants, perfect woordworks, unique environments, and public transportation. 

Piemonte Villa

Modern Game of Thrones setting, aye?

'Coz selfies must be made artistically nowadays.

Clockwork Manila @ WhistleStop

Hello World!
Instagram made public. Boo!

This is the first thing I’ll grab when I get to work tonight.

So, I just read about a bunch of articles focusing on prioritizing, to-do lists, focus, emotional intelligence, routine, etc.

So, starting today, like right now, as soon as I post this small chit-chat with whoever cares to read this, I’m gonna head off to bed, read a little, and wake up an hour before 8pm, and run. 

Then, I’ll prepare for tonight’s work, read emails as soon as I get there, take care of my HR errands, and then negotiate. 

After work, I’ll look for magic candles and pink balloons for my line manager’s birthday. Why? I want to. Because she deserves it. Not everyone gets to blow candles and receive balloons at our age nowadays. 

We have all fallen in love with blue once.

(Source: northskyphotography)

Draw positivity from the smallest things… the things you are rarely thankful for, like the air you breathe, and that you don’t have morning colds today.
- She told herself… I told myself
Saturday Morning

Hi! I just enjoyed a very luxurious bath (Chos!) and now, I’m reading about time management, task management, personality development, happiness, etc. 

I have saved some articles in my Pocket app, but I don’t know if that’s something I can share in public because of the app’s limitations. But anyway, here are some of what’s left in my reading pane. (Sorry, I forgot about sharing this a little earlier when my Chrome’s tabs were filled with more worth-reading articles.)

  1. 5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder
  2. The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design Your Own Master Routine
  3. 10 Things High EQ People Don’t Do
  4. 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder
  5. The Surprising History of the To-Do List and How to Design One That Actually Works
  6. Most Contentious 4-Letter Words in the Office?
  7. Here’s Why You’re Not Hiring the Best and the Brightest

I don’t know why the last one is in my opened tabs, but maybe I’ll pick up something from it… Maybe. Well, I know I will. 

Again, good morning, Tumblr World!

The Adult Life

Finally, I took the time to do some research on color palettes and infographics.

I am being asked to work on several tables recently, and for a minimalist like me, it is very difficult to come up with unique posters and attention-grabbing representation of data without any background in design.


Oh! How I wish to share interesting images and stories.

But, I decided to keep the main thing the main thing and set aside every demotivating factor and irrelevant issue I may come across for now.


Besides work, I have personal family problems to deal with. As the eldest employed adult in our household, I am expected to help out and be strong enough to come up with solutions during hard times.

And as much as I refuse to face this accordingly, it was just thrown on my lap yesterday. God knows how serious this is. (Sigh.)


Thus, my lovelife is out of the picture, as well as my nightouts, and wardrobe upgrade plans. 


The best part is, I still get to go home with my complete family waiting for me. 

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